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Meet the Founder and Executive Director
Vickie Forrest 

      Vickie Forrest is Founder and Executive Director of Cliff’s 3rd Chance House, Inc. (C3CH).  She graduated with a B.S. in Nursing from University of Missouri-St. Louis affiliated with Barnes College of Nursing in 1999. She also graduated with M.A. in Gerontology from Lindenwood University-St. Charles, Missouri in 2005.  She was ordained in 2003 as a minister in the state of Missouri.  

      Ms. Forrest established C3CH because her brothers served in the military and brother, Cliff struggles with substance use disorder (SUD). Cliff has had recurring incarcerations and rehabilitation facilities.  Cliff who has agreed to be supported by his family who manages his monthly income and pays his expenses.   

      She believes that if her brother who is not a veteran is experiencing these vices, veterans are probably struggling even more so. Therefore, C3CH was formed to provide re-entry housing for men and women veterans and ex-offenders age 50 and older who are released by mental health, substance use and correctional facilities.  In addition, to provide housing for youth who are are aging out of the foster care. 

      Ms. Forrest felt the best way to do housing projects is to do them in three phases.  Phase 1 is for temporary supportive (transitional) housing. Phase 2 is permanent, affordable housing.  Each of these phases are  for the un-housed veterans and ex-offenders. 

      At the age of 18, Ms. Forrest mother passed away and she had to find living quarters on her own. Therefore, Phase 3 is to temporary and permanent housing to foster youth aging out of the foster care system, ages 18-21. She has served in the local community as an active partner and an change agent. 

      Currently, she is attending SCORE and SBA business training and education workshops.

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